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General Information

Our blood bank functions in a similar way to human blood banks. Our team includes 7 Veterinaries and 3 Veterinary Nurses working exclusively. The ABB is an independent company and has an official license from the Veterinary National Department (DGAV) to work as an animal blood bank in the European Union. We work with donors from voluntary owners and our aim is to help as many animals as possible, while keeping high quality standards at the lowest price. The company works as a nonprofit organization and helps several shelters in Portugal and Spain, improving their facilities and animal health care.

ABB owns two blood banks, one based in Oporto (Portugal) and the other in Barcelona (Spain). Maintaining a very proactive investigation team, and in strict collaboration with Oporto University, Barcelona Autonomous University and the national human blood bank, we have 3 ongoing PhD programs in Feline Blood Banking, Rabbit Blood Banking and Platelet Gel Preparation.

As in human blood banks, we have a very strict quality control program, ensuring the safety of blood products after collection and processing. Strict temperature control, haemocultures and haemolysis percentage analysis are routinely performed. Both donor analysis and quality control results are uploaded into our website and can be accessed by any clinician anytime.