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Donors Welfare

Animal Blood Bank has haemocomponent safety and donors welfare high standards.

Donor´s welfare is assured in various levels : careful selection of potential donors, their health status, close communication with tutors, careful planning of the donation day, high hygiene and safety standards, veterinary surgeons, nurses and care assistants specialized training and experience and procedure supervision by a veterinary surgeon.

Potential donors are selected by their calm and cooperative temperament which allows a easy and safe manipulation and minimizes the discomfort and anxiety.

Canine and feline donors are selected for being calm and cooperative, in order to avoid the need for sedation. Feline donors, are always kept in a calm and controlled environment and handled by a trainned staff with relaxing techniques that help the cat to get used with the procedure and avoid stressfull experiences. Thus, we are able to get a donor pool free of sedation. Besides, we are proud to observe, that a majority of our donors got used with the procedure, the team and the friendly space, becoming more relaxed and cooperative in each donation. Donors health is assured by a complete anamnesis, physical exam, screening for the presence of infectious agents, CBC and a basic biochemistry profile. Any abnormal clinical problem and laboratory results are registered into the donors file in the website. To ensure that donating blood is a calm experience for the donor, clear information is given to the tutors regarding to the procedure and the extra care that should be taken before and after the donation. The donation is also scheduled with the tutors in advance, allowing it to be performed in a calm, planned way and by trainned staff.

All these methodology was recently verified and confirmed by an expertise team from International Society of Feline Medicine. A Cat Friendly Clinic Bronze Certificate was presented to Animal Blood Bank and the following report was also disclosed.To provide quality blood components to veterinarians in aid of their clinical practice that follow the high standards of quality and best practices used in human medicine. Provide a contact platform between donor animals and critically ill patients in practices and hospitals who need to perform blood transfusions.

ISFM CAt Friendly Clinic Bronze
ISFM - The Animal Blood Bank report 2018